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GNU Emulator of a Virtual Terminal

What is GemVt?
GemVt is the GNU Emulator of a Virtual Terminal for the X Window System written on top of the Gtk+ toolkit (much like rxvt). GemVt is released released under the GNU GPL

What is the current state?
The selections are only half way working. GemVt needs a real keymap support. Also there is lots of code that needs to be adapted for various systems, so if you run any kind of non Linux OS, go ahead and test it out! See also GemVt's ChangeLog .
Update: I haven't worked on GemVt for quite some time now, mostly because other projects of mine consume too much of my time already. It won't run with the latest Gtk+ versions, but feel free to send in patches if you managed to get it running.

Where can I get GemVt?
If you are interested, feel free to take a look at the sources of GemVt's current state at:
[ GemVt Icon ]

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