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Gtk+ Layout Engine

What is GLE?
GLE is meant to be a generic Layout Engine for Gtk+. GLE is licensed under the GNU LGPL .

What is the current state?
GLE so far implements an object argument editor, as well as a tree-view widget for the display of widget hirarchies. Reordering of existing widgets as well as new widget creation is also supported. Widget heirarchy templates can be saved and loaded from a text file (with scheme-like syntax) and be used to create new dialogs. GLE also features grasping of widget heirarchies from windows of other Gtk+ (GNOME) programs. This is possible because GLE is implemented as a shared library, that can either be linked against a Gtk+ program (and then requires an extra initialization call), or be loaded additionally from a running Gtk+ program as a Gtk+ module. The README in the distribution and GLE's help screen give further details. Work is currently in progress to enhance GLE's library interface, which can be used by Gtk+ programs to create their dialogs from a text file. See also GLE's ChangeLog .

Where can I get GLE?
The GLE source code tree is hosted by the GNOME project's CVS server. If you are interested, feel free to take a look at the sources of GLE's current state at: .
Public consumable releases can be found at:

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